Our design philosophy is to keep the general construction detailing efficient and practical and conforming to the building code so that effort can be placed on the things that matter to you. We will help shape your design to conform with part 9 of the building code so that you won’t be required to engage other professionals.

Part 9 Design. The British Columbia Building Code 2018 (BCBC2018) has a section known as Part 9. This section is titled “Housing and Small Buildings” and has hundreds of pages of specifications and parameters that are to be met if a building is to conform to part 9 of the building code. Many houses and small buildings today are either designed beyond the limitations of part 9 or are designed without due consideration to the parameters provided within part 9. This then requires the building to be designed under the guidance of a structural engineer and or other professionals to address all of the exceptions pushing the building outside of the building code. We are happy to help you keep your design within the scope of part 9 but if you’d like to more complex things requiring engineering, that’s fine too. We will let you know your options and what may or may not require engineering.